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All the Places Travel offers unparalleled luxury travel experiences tailored to your desires.

We understand that luxury isn’t just a service – it’s an experience. Our dedicated team of travel experts specializes in designing journeys that encapsulate sophistication, comfort, and the quintessence of exclusivity. We believe that our clients deserve nothing less than extraordinary, seamless travel experiences tailored to their personal tastes and desires.

Holly Malloy

Owner and Travel Agent

Holly is amazing. Her eye for detail is impeccable. She gets to know her clients and their likes and dislikes and can prepare an amazing trip. She knows how to create the perfect itinerary and the hotels are 5 star. I would highly recommend.

Dawn Sorna

Immerse yourself in the art of travel

Travel Design for Personalized Experiences

Curated Itineraries

All the Places Travel excels in crafting curated itineraries that are as unique as our travelers, ensuring an unparalleled journey filled with authentic experiences and personal touches. From hidden gems to iconic landmarks, our custom-made adventures are designed to bring your travel dreams to vivid life.

Africa Safaris

Discover the wild heart of Africa with All the Places Travel, where our expertly crafted safaris invite you to encounter the majestic landscapes and untamed wildlife of this captivating continent. Each safari is an exquisite tapestry of thrilling game drives, luxurious lodges, and personalized touches that together create an unforgettable African adventure.

Group Travel

We bring people together for unforgettable group adventures that are carefully curated and expertly managed. Whether you’re uniting friends, family, or colleagues, we handle all the logistics, ensuring each group experience is as enjoyable as it is seamless.

I travel extensively and am capable in far-out places, but with my entire family meeting internationally I wanted a pro, and Holly did not disappoint. What a time we had! Not a hiccup at any point along the way. Will definitely use again, thank you Holly!

Richard Compton

Small Ship Cruises

Set sail on an intimate journey with All the Places Travel, specializing in small ship cruising that promises personalized attention and unique itineraries. Our meticulous planning transforms your seafaring adventure into a bespoke experience filled with unforgettable destinations and exclusive onboard luxuries.

River Cruises

​Experience the world’s rivers with elegance and ease as All the Places Travel curates luxurious river cruise adventures, where tranquil waters are your pathway to cultural treasures and hidden gems. Let us guide you through serene landscapes and cities brimming with history for an intimate, immersive journey like no other.

What we provide

Exceptional Benefits and Services

Personalized Itinerary Design

Each journey is a unique tapestry woven with individual preferences, dreams, and expectations. Our bespoke itineraries are meticulously crafted to reflect your distinct travel style – whether that’s a private villa on a remote island or an exhilarating adventure through ancient ruins.

Global Network of Contacts

With a constellation of elite partners across the globe, we secure unparalleled access to luxurious accommodations, exclusive experiences, and VIP treatment for our discerning clients.

Concierge-level Service

From your doorstep to your destination, our concierge service manages every detail. Expect personalized attention that anticipates your needs, from private transfers to reservation at a Michelin-starred restaurant.

24/7 Support

Our commitment to your comfort and satisfaction is unwavering. No matter the timezone or latitude, our team is always accessible to ensure your peace of mind.

Exclusive Privileges

We take pride in offering our premium clients exclusive benefits that enhance their travel experience – from room upgrades to special amenities and beyond.

Client Testimonials

Stories of Unforgettable Journeys

Based on real Reviews

What a great travel professional!!! Holly worked with me through a lot of changes and always stayed positive and supportive. I always felt that she had my best interest at heart. We had a great trip with memories for a lifetime!! I will continue to ask for her assistance in my future travel needs.

Melinda Larose

Holly was great fun to work with while planning our vacation to Europe! She suggested and booked several great tours and found lovely hotels throughout our trip. She loaded everything into an easy-to-use app, so we had all of our plans and confirms at our fingertips the entire time. She also made herself available while we were away, so we had someone to contact in the event of an emergency, which was nice!

Zarafet Burrell

Holly was our travel agent for our destination wedding to Punta Cana. She helped us pick the location (Dreams Royal Beach Punta Cana) and helped coordinate with the resort and shuttle service. The entire process was effortless and so great!! I would recommend Holly for any of your travel needs!!

Lauren Johnson

“Travel is one thing you buy that makes you richer” and after this trip, organized to a tee with All The Places Travel, I truly feel richer. A seamless trip with attention to detail around every corner. Holly was an absolute treat and I would highly recommend her agency to anyone seeking a travel experience that embodies adventure, connection, ease and grace. 5/5 starts without a doubt.

Rachel Heiber

Three Steps

Our Planning Process

Your luxury travel experience is only a few steps away. Here’s how we ensure that your journey is comfortable from start to finish.

1. Connect

​ Our planning process begins with understanding your travel aspirations and preferences, forming the foundation of a beautifully tailored itinerary that speaks to your sense of adventure and style.

2. Design

Our design process is a fine blend of art and precision, mapping out a journey that’s tailored to your unique travel palette. We stitch together destinations, experiences, and accommodations with a creative touch, ensuring each trip we design is both an impeccable fit for your tastes and an unforgettable story waiting to unfold..

3. Manage

​Once your bespoke itinerary is set, All the Places Travel meticulously manages every aspect of your journey, ensuring each detail is polished to perfection. From bookings to logistics, our vigilant oversight aims to deliver a seamless travel experience so you can immerse yourself in the joys of discovery without a single worry.

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Holly did such a great job keeping us informed that the planning became part of the fun of the trip. And when we had an issue with the hotel while we were on our trip all we had to do was let Holly know and the problem disappeared! 100% rating

Linda Harris

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